SET - Science, Ecology, Technology

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SET (Science, Ecology and Technology) is an innovative program that combines three crucial areas of study to produce graduates who are equipped to solve real-world problems with an ecological lens.

SET students are well-rounded, critically thinking problem solvers who have the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world.

With the world facing complex challenges such as climate change, pollution, and pandemics, studying science, ecology, and technology in an integrated way, allows students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to find solutions to these challenges.

SET provides students with:

  • a stimulating and supportive learning environment which allows students to actively engage in their own learning.
  • the opportunity to develop practical skills, such as data analysis, critical thinking, and communication, thus making students highly employable in a variety of fields.
  • a deep understanding of the interconnectivity of our world and the consequences of our actions.
  • the freedom to ask questions and investigate complex problems.
  • micro credentialled learning opportunities.
  • a meaningful context to develop, practice and apply their general curriculum capabilities, including:
    • critical and creative thinking
    • ethical understanding
    • personal and social capabilities
    • literacy and numeracy skills.

In addition to the integration of science, ecology, and technology, SET incorporates an explicit inquiry- based model of teaching that sets it apart from other courses. This student-centred model encourages students to become independent and reflective learners, taking responsibility for their own learning and development.

The explicit inquiry-based model of teaching empowers students to take control of their own learning, enabling them to become confident, independent, and reflective learners who are well-equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing world.​