Why Sophia College

The gift of education, every child's right, 
is an enlightening of the mind and heart. 
It is the joy of discovery, the searching of the curious, 
the skills of everyday, the quest for excellence, the reward for effort.

Catholic education is all these things - and more!

Sophia College provides a Catholic education, not just an education for Catholics. We have high expectations of self-discipline and self-motivation for our students. We work in partnership with  the home environment as we strive to give students what they need to flourish at school and be successful in their global future. 

At Sophia College, we aim to journey with each student to prepare them for the every-changing world in which we live. At present this is particularly prominent amid Covid19 where we have come to appreciate the fragility of our lives and the need for resilience, adaptability and an appreciation of all God’s gifts. 

Our vision is to develop a community where students can grow in wisdom and love; to give them the space to develop their spirituality, to encourage them to understand and celebrate difference and to be respectful of each other and the earth. At Sophia College we value excellence and personal ende​avours so that each of our students can be the best they can, given their individual talents.