Positive Behaviour for Learning

The Student Behaviour Support Policy at Sophia College has a focus on understanding behaviours rather than reacting to them. It places emphasis on relationships, personal responsibility and choice. It is proactive and preventative in nature and strives to create a positive culture in the College. It provides opportunities for reconciliation and redirection for students to allow for fresh beginnings.

The Sophia College community believes that every person should be treated with dignity and respect and will be provided with fair and just processes. Student Behaviour Support is a cooperative process involving students, staff and parents in the progressive development of responsible citizens. Sophia College follows the model of Positive Behavior for Learning (PB4L). PB4L is about people, practices and processes – it is not a program but the way we do work. A focus on learning, capability building, wise and thorough use of data, and identifying and spreading good evidence-based practice are all integrated into the PB4Learning strategy.


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