Whether students are looking for a high-performance environment or they simply love an activity and wish to participate, we are creating opportunities where everyone is able to find a place to nurture their sporting passions and strengths.

Sport is an important component of the well-rounded educational experience offered at Sophia College. The College values its commitment to allowing students to be the best version of themselves, including on the sporting field.

Every student is encouraged to participate in a sports program, which caters for the beginning sports person through to the elite athlete.

Through a student's participation in co-curricular sport, Sophia College continues the development of essential lifelong physical skills and healthy behaviours. Through participation in co-curricular sport, the College believes this can aid in the development of a students' academic life, by integrating skills required in both facets.

Sophia College is a member of Metropolitan West which provides students in years 7 to 12 with a variety of sporting opportunities to represent their district, Western Ranges District School Sport. Additionally, Sophia College prides itself on being a member of the ISSA Cup Competition (Football), Volleyball Queensland Schools Cup Competition and Queensland All Schools Touch Football Competition as its key competitions throughout the year. These are highly prestigious events for our College teams.

For all information regarding the sports programs offered at the College please view the Sport Information Booklet below. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Sports Leader.​

​Sports Information Booklet

2023 Sophia College Sports Information Booklet.pdf

​Sports Contacts

Sports Leader

Mr Brad Thompson


Phone: (07) 5411 3400​