Our Story

​​​College Name

The name Sophia is of Greek origin meaning wisdom – specifically divine wisdom.  The biblical Sophia is more than metaphor; she is an expression of the breath and presence of God.

Five books of the Old Testament are called 'wisdom' books. They are Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiasticus and Wisdom. Throughout these writings divine Wisdom speaks and is spoken of as if she were a person, at once present in God from eternity and acting with God in the work of creation. She is teacher, parent, counsellor, light, guide, divine presence.

Just as the Word was with God and was God, so Sophia was.

College Logo

The College logo is a powerful touchstone that symbolises our Catholic Christian traditions and aspirations at Sophia College.​​


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College Mascot

​​The College mascot is a wolf. The significance of the wolf lies in the story of Saint Francis and the wolf. In this well-known legend, Saint Francis goes to the Italian town of Gubbio, where a fierce wolf was terrorizing the village and even killing some of the people, including children. During his visit to Gubbio, Francis goes out to meet the wolf. According to the story, when the wolf sees Saint Francis, he comes charging at the saint with his mouth open, ready to attack. Saint Francis immediately makes the sign of the cross over him and says, “Come here, Brother ​Wolf. I command you on behalf of Christ that you do no harm to me or to anyone.” As soon as Saint Francis did this, legend indicates that, “the fearsome wolf closed his mouth and stopped running; and once the command w​as given, came meekly as a lamb, and threw itself at the feet of Saint Francis.” This is a powerful story of courage, respect, strength, forgiveness and peace. 

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