Learning Common


The Learning Common is a common shared space that is both physical and virtual. It is designed to move students beyond mere research, practice and group work to a greater level of engagement through exploration, experimentation, and collaboration. The Learning Common is more than a room, it provides a space for students and staff for:

  • Private study

  • Quiet collaborative work with peers and/or teachers

  • Quiet space for class research and/or reading

  • Quiet individual reading

  • Quiet relaxation activities such as colouring in or games, as deemed appropriate by staff members

  • A means of taking learning out of doors and bringing the environment inside.

​The Learning Common is an extension of the playground therefore no food, drinks (except water), bags, running, loud voices, Smart devices (unless under teacher direction).

General loans are for one week only, although books may be renewed after one week, provided other students do not need them. A total of 6 books can be borrowed at the same time.