Future Pathways

Future Pathways


To help our students reach their full potential, in whatever their chosen profession may be, Sophia College provides a variety of pathway options through our Future Pathways Programs.

​The College works to ensure that every student has a viable academic pathway that leads to post-school study or the workplace through a diverse curriculum offering.  Our LIFE Companions offer students individualised career counselling guidance and advice.  Parents and students have an opportunity to attend various group information sessions or personal appointments to access career information, assessment, and professional support. 

Whether our students are destined for further study, a traineeship/apprenticeship or employment, they are supported to make appropriate choices to design their personalised pathway to achieving their goals. This includes providing students with opportunities to assist them to develop an understanding of their own personal strengths and to identify their passions and purpose. 

Career Choices

Students of all ages can access the LIFE Companions to discuss and prepare for career planning. Students are continually involved in appropriately targeted and relevant processes through the College's Triple S program. In Year 8 and Year 10 students undertake a careers unit as part of the Triple S Program which includes a school based Get SET for your Future Day which incorporates guest speakers from a range of professions, parent panels, job readiness activities and opportunities to speak with local employers as well as external service and study providers.

To guide career and study choices, our students are encouraged to identify what they are good at and what they enjoy doing, investigate different types of careers and then research the steps they need to take to get there.

Pathway Preparation

Preparation for pathways to the future and opportunities beyond graduation formally commences in Year 8 with the completion of JET Plans.

Year 8

Year 8 is the year when students make their first career development choices in the form of selecting their subjects to create their Junior Education and Training pathway (JET). Student JET plans map out the student's individual learning pathway in the Inquire Phase (Years 9 - 10). The JET plan supports students working towards the Investigate Phase (Years 11 – 12) of learning. 

Additionally, the program provides the opportunity for them to:

  • Explore course options for the Inquire Phase (Years 9 – 10)
  • Consider their strengths and passions
  • Investigate a variety of career pathways.

Parents are invited to be a part of the subject selection process through attendance at Pathway Information nights and to meet with College staff to discuss their student's subjects and career aspirations.

Further information regarding JET Plans and Inquire Phase (Years 9 - 10) elective offerings can be found here

Year 10

Year 10 continues the career development journey through student investigation of the extensive career and vocational choices available. This is the year when students make care choices in the form of selecting their subjects to create their Senior Education and Training Pathway (SET) Plans. To assist students in this process they engage in careers lessons which support them in deepening their understanding of what is required to fulfil their passions, career aspirations, and options for the next stages along their pathway. The careers program is designed to prepare and enable students to make informed subject and pathway decisions which will set them up for success through Years 11 - 12 and support their future career goals. Additionally, the program provides the opportunity for them to:

  • Investigate course options for Years 11 - 12
  • Investigate the world of work
  • Explore the tertiary study and training options
  • Develop employability skills.

Parents are expected to be a part of the subject selection process through attendance at Pathway Information nights and to meet with College staff to discuss their student's SET Plan.

Further information regarding SET Plans and Investigate Phase (Years 11 - 12) elective offerings can be found here​

Years 11 - 12

Career development support continues throughout Years 11 - 12 as students undertake their chosen pathway studies to achieve a Queensland Certificate of Education. Students will have a timetabled one-on-one meeting with the LIFE Companion 10 – 12 and may book additional meetings with the LIFE Companion and/or Guidance Counsellor to seek individual guidance and support. Additionally, timetable careers lessons provide students with opportunities for them to:

  • Engage with universities and tertiary institutions
  • Interact with industry and career mentors
  • Participate in career learning and development experiences
  • Develop employability skills and attitudes  
  • Prepare for job seeking by developing a Curriculum Vitae and learning invaluable networking skills and;
  • Prepare for and complete the process for submitting tertiary applications. 

University Entrance

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and a variety of Vocational Education and Training (VET) options prepare students directly for university entrance. While each of these pathways is different, they ALL provide students with excellent opportunities to extend their education at a tertiary level and achieve their desired career outcomes. Students are supported and prepared for the tertiary application process through specific careers lessons, a QTAC Information Night and individual support from the LIFE Companion and Guidance Counsellor. 

University in Year Twelve

The Griffith GUEST, QUT START and UQ Enhanced Studies programs provide students who meet the entrance criteria with the opportunity to undertake a university subject in while at school, completing their Year 12 studies. Successful completion of a university subject whilst at school affords students with numerous benefits which can include :

  • Opportunities for 'taste testing' courses 
  • Experiencing university lectures and tutorials, completing assessment, and enjoying campus life
  • Bonus adjustments to their ATAR (to be used for university entry)
  • Academic credit towards a degree and;
  • Credit towards the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Vocational Education and Training

Students in Years 10 - 12 may undertake VET qualifications.  Sophia College is in partnership with externally TAFE Queensland, Registered Training Organisations including Aurora (RTO 32237) and Binnacle Training (RTO 31319) and the University Queensland, Gatton, to offer Certificate Courses.  Courses will be available either on campus or off campus.

All VET courses provide a high level of real-world employability skills, workplace learning, and the opportunity to work towards completing a nationally recognised qualification. Enrolment for courses is a collaborative process between families, the Deputy Principal, and the LIFE Companion. 

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Students in Years 10 - 12 who are interested in pursuing careers in trades or related service industries may wish to take up the option of undertaking a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SAT).

This pathway allows students to study on campus four days a week with the additional day spent in the workplace, undertaking paid employment, or at TAFE studying the relevant qualification.

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable industry-based experience and also work towards completing a nationally recognised qualification. Conversations between families, the Deputy Principal and the LIFE Companion assist students to find a balance between the requirements of learning at school and the requirements of a SAT.​