Student Formation


Inspired by our Catholic tradition Sophia College is a faith filled learning community that supports every student to be the very best they can be, while walking gently with creation through wisdom and love to make a better future. Sophia College’s community confirms the sacredness in each member by consistently teaching that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God and empowers our young people to develop the goodness in themselves and to share their God-given gifts, through living the gospel values.  

Student Formation Program 

The motivation for the Sophia College Student Formation Program is provide opportunities for our young people to develop the goodness within themselves, to connect with God and creation and to be inspired by the stories of Jesus, St Francis and St Clare to bring to life the gospel values in today’s context. The opportunities provided enable students to: 

  • Model and develop a contemporary Catholic world view. 
  • See the face of Christ in all people and all of creation (Franciscan Spirituality).  
  • Embrace Catholic Social Teachings – Social Justice and Action.  
  • Embody the Sophia College Values and Living Stones.  
  • Engage in prayer and worship experiences. 

Each year level has a specific focus which connects to the Franciscan story and is developmentally appropriate.  

Year 7: Building community through understand the Franciscan Charism – St Francis, a disciple of Christ 

Year 8: Finding oneself in relationship with others – St Francis and the Sultan 

Year 9: ​Finding one's place - St Clare enters the Franciscan family​