College logo

logo.pngThe college logo is a powerful touchstone that symbolises our Catholic Christian traditions and aspirations at Sophia College.

Our college motto, 'Wisdom and Love', is a direct link to our Franciscan charism, the college name (Sophia meaning wisdom) and to Pope Francis' Laudato Si. Its conviction inspires us to walk gently on the earth in wisdom and love. As a community we are called to live and grow in kinship with all of creation and to be people who make informed decisions based on love, respect, compassion, and justice.


The RED Tau:

  • The central symbol is the Tau Cross – much loved by St Francis and adopted as his seal, as it was a sign of a deep spiritual conviction that the salvation of every person is only in the Cross of Christ. It is often worn by Franciscans today.
  • Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and was used symbolically in the Old Testament. It was adopted by the first Christians because it reminded them of the Cross on which Christ was immolated for the salvation of the world.
  • The Tau is a concrete sign of Christian devotion.
  • The Tau extends beneath the shield – the story of the cross “cuts through" and challenges conventional thinking... to bring new “wisdom" to how we live our lives. Its story is bigger than the shield. The embracing curve at the top of the cross reflects its protection and orientation into community.

The WHITE leaf:
  • ​The leaf is a sign of commitment to living Laudato Si' - Caring for our common home in an integral ecology, in kinship with creation, as taught by St Francis, the Franciscans and Pope Francis in Laudato Si'.
The WHITE st​ar:
  • The Star of Wisdom (the Southern Cross) represents First Nations Peoples' deep ongoing connection to the knowledge present in the land, sea and skies (also referenced in the colour palette).
  • The Southern Cross also unifies all students, staff and those in our community, regardless of where they or their families are from. We all learn and live underneath the Southern Cross. Just by being together on this land, underneath this sky, we are connected to each other as well as connected to traditional knowledge of the land. The larger inner circle represents all peoples who come to share in this wisdom of Mother Earth.
  • It symbolises community. 
  • Ginan (Epsilon Crucis) is the fifth brightest, and the smallest of the stars in the Southern Cross. It represents a red dillybag filled with special songs of knowledge. This star is an orange giant, 228 light years from earth.                                                                    (With permission: Jenna Lee, 2020)
  • Furthermore, the Southern Cross has guided travellers, intrigued astronomers and been a source of inspiration to poets and musicians.
  • A star receives light from the sun (others) and reflects it to guide and lead the way.  We are all connected and need each other to project light to the world. This provides within the logo a reference to leadership. The vision for Sophia College is that it be a place that exemplifies how-to live-in kinship with God's creation.  In this way, it will provide leadership to others.
  • In scripture, the star also symbolises wisdom. It is referenced frequently from the creation story in Genesis to its appearance in Revelation (Rev. 2:26-28; Rev. 22:16)


The shape of the SHIELD

  • The shield represents the symbol of protection, security, strength and stability.
  • The design creates a medieval appearance to reflect the historical time when St Francis lived (1181 - 1226).


Overall, the colours of the logo represent our commitment to live Laudato Si' at the college - in response to the papal encyclical “Laudato Si' – On care of our common home".

  • Green represents nature and the environment: more abstractly, it symbolises wisdom and life
  • Blue depicts the ocean and sky.
  • The indigenous star of wisdom is represented on the blue “night sky".

  • The yellow is the sun, about which St Francis wrote his Canticle.

  • Red is the colour of the Illawarra Flame Trees to be planted on the site.

  • Grey is both the colour of the earth and St Francis's robe. The robe worn by St Francis preserved at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels is grey. As the influence of the Franciscans grew, brown became “their colour".

  • White defines each of the other colours, but of itself, it is associated with light, goodness, brilliance, understanding and faith. As a symbol of spirituality, it signifies humility, sincerity, possibility and protection.