College Name

​​The name Sophia is of Greek origin meaning wisdom – specifically divine wisdom.  The biblical Sophia is more than metaphor; she is an expression of the presence of God.

Five books of the Old Testament are called 'wisdom' books. They are Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiasticus and Wisdom. Throughout these writings divine Wisdom speaks and is spoken of as if she were a person, at once present in God from eternity and acting with God in the work of creation. She is teacher, parent, counsellor, light, guide, divine presence.

Just as the Word was with God and was God, so Sophia was. And when John writes that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus, he could just as well have said that Sophia became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus. Jesus is the Wisdom/Sophia of God incarnate.

As members of Sophia College, we can draw encouragement from the wisdom of Sophia in the midst of our daily lives.

May Wisdom be present to influence our attitudes, values and beliefs.
May Wisdom be present to help us make good choices and decisions.
May Wisdom be present when there is doubt and fear.
May Wisdom guide us as we try to reflect her love in all we are and all we do.