​Students who are positive, resilient, hopeful, aware of the contribution they can make in the world and successful in creating meaningful relationships, are best placed to achieve positive learning outcomes, to be the best version of themselves.

As a BCE school our approach to wellbeing is strongly grounded in Catholic Christian beliefs and values. Wellbeing is defined as an ongoing experience of wholeness and hope that is integral to learning and ultimately, to overall health and life success. It relates to the interconnectedness of emotional, physical, cognitive, social and spiritual dimensions within the person. Wellbeing encompasses nurturing the self, giving to others, and building and celebrating community and fostering strong connections.

The masterplan has provided settings which are uniquely placed to positively influence wellbeing. They have a critical role to play in fostering positive and sustainable characteristics that enable students to achieve their full potential. Evidence supports the strong, mutual relationship between safety, wellbeing and learning. Identifying and reducing barriers to learning, including those linked to student safety and wellbeing, can help to maximise the educational and social outcomes for students.

The 8 Key Elements of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing in Brisbane Catholic Education schools are:

  1. Leadership commitment to sustainable pastoral care and wellbeing 
  2. Policies, structures and processes
  3. Engaged and positive school culture
  4. Safe and supportive environment for learning and teaching
  5. Focus on the student as a learner and a person
  6. Proactive and preventative approaches
  7. Early intervention and targeted support
  8. Partnerships with parish, families and communities.

At the heart of all our endeavours is the student. ​