​With our Franciscan values overarching all that we do, our Learning and Teaching Framework will provide the professional platform for our learning approach and how it will be implemented within the college. Religion, literacy and numeracy are the foundations of each study pathway. We are presently developing a curriculum with a rich diversity of subject offerings, innovative use of technology and learning experiences that will cater for all pathways. Subjects will be delivered from exceptional physical spaces ensuring our students are given every opportunity for enriched learning while being challenged to thrive.

Sophia  College  has  an  eco-sciences precinct  footprinted  to  complement  the college's  learning  spaces.  Specialist  areas have been designed for  sciences,  technology  and  design,  the  arts, languages (Japanese), music  and  mathematics.  We will aim to challenge and equip our students with science, technology, engineering, art and mathematical (STEAM) skills to solve authentic problems for the complex world around them – a world which requires a workforce of the future with high levels of skills and responsible and creative thinkers.

With flexible teaching modes, combining digital technology, design and art, our students will be able to work on projects individually or in groups researching, designing, planning, creating and implementing solutions. The  integration  of learnings  through  interdisciplinary  projects  and  units  is  achievable  through  the  best  use  of  the  overall site whose  dams,  for  example,  could  be  used  for  mathematical  and  scientific  testing,  whose  food  production  could be  used  for  analysis,  sale  and  business  modelling.