Built Environment

The built environment reflects the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

  • ​General, specialist subjects (design subjects, music, art etc) and a resource centre are established within precincts.
  • Classrooms are master planned to incorporate at least one specialist rural industries-based science classroom adjacent to the science courtyard and nearer the eco sciences precinct, with multiple hoses available with appropriate pressure to clean up after experiments and available to provide water for planting/hydroponics
  • A specialist language classroom within the general learning precinct is equipped for language appropriate pedagogies.
  • Spaces are available to encourage student performances, of varying sizes in and around the college, especially during lunch breaks
  • Building design fosters a sense of community. Language, drama, music and art spaces incorporate space from outdoor to provide performance opportunities.
  • Private supervised spaces, both inside and out, where students may go alone for reading, listening, meditative practices are essential​